MOBILITY PIONEERS is a unique international accelerator program designed to promote open innovation through the creation of tailored solutions for real industry challenges. The first edition of MOBILITY PIONEERS will commence in September 2019 offering exciting opportunities for both, international students and company partners, including a one – week stay in Israel.                       

Innovate: Approaches for new mobility concepts through crowdsourcing, using swarm intelligence/ the creative potential of students

Accelerate: Mobility business solutions through co-creation with company partners

Change: Mobility Choices by deriving recommendations from an ethical and social perspective based on interdisciplinary and multicultural work                        

How does it work?

Students from Esslingen University and The COLLMAN as well as young professionals from the greater Stuttgart region form international teams to jointly study entrepreneurship and innovation in a 4-month program. The program is composed of a virtual ignition camp, an ideation week in Israel, a virtual acceleration phase as well as a week of final validation and presentations to companies in Germany.

Stage 1 – Virtual Ignition Camp (10 – 11 Sept 2019)

Program participants will
Astudy industry basics 
Aget to know each other more closely (especially the international colleagues)
Alearn about the basic methodologies and structures

Stage 2 – Ideation Week in Israel (22 – 29 Oct 2019)

Program participants will
Asplit into virtual international teams and receive the challenges they will solve 
Astudy state of the art entrepreneurship models for venture creation
Atake field trips around the Israeli start-up ecosystem

Stage 3 – Virtual Acceleration Phase (Oct, Nov, Dec 2019)

Program participants will
Amanage their team independently and meet virtually on a weekly basis
Aimplement the models they studied in order to solve the industry challenges
Asubmit weekly status reports

Stage 4 – Final Validation and Presentation in  Germany (9 – 16 Dec 2019)

Program participants will
Aimprove their pitch skills
Aimplement all tools acquired during the course
Atake field trips around Baden Würrtemberg’s start-up ecosystem


Disruption is not just a buzzword – it is happening and the challenges are real…

Technology Changes

ANew technologies enable progress at previously inconceivable pace
AAlmost all markets face radical change driven by Big Data, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence

Economical Challenges

ACustomers’ technologies enable previously inconceivable pace
ANew dependencies around the globe driven by globalization and hyperconnectivity

Societal Changes

AThe way people interact with technology is rapidly changing, creating completely new demands 
AThe way of working is fundamentally changing – or open source innovation is only the co-working tip of the iceberg

The Consequences

AHuge impact on all industries attached to the mobility sector
AThe challenges arising along the value chain are so manifold and complex that they cannot be solved by a single company anymore
ACollaboration, swarm intelligence and co-creation are becoming of utmost importance for all market players to be able to tackle the arising challenges

Use the MOBILITY PIONEERS accelerator program to…

Aextend your R & D team by outsourcing your challenges to MOBILITY PIONEERS
Aco-create solutions together with interdisciplinary and international teams and only limited resources from your side
Aget unique access to and insight into the Israeli start-up environement 
Ascout for talent in a pool of highly innovative and multi-cultural students and professionals
Areceive feedback by highly experienced business mentors and start-up specialists from Israel and Germany

“MOBILITY PIONEERS provides companies in the greater Stuttgart area with three unique opportunities at the same time. This is to solve challenges through co-creation, while at the same time getting insights into the Israeli start-up environment as well as being able to scout for relevant innovative talent”  – Prof. Dr. Michael Flad

Edition #1 Corporate Partners


What are my benefits as a participant?

AMake an impact by the developing solutions for real world challenges
AExperience innovation, interdisciplinary and multi-cultural work first hand
AApply state of the art ideation techniques
ABring your soft skills to a new level
AComplement your decision making skills by a social and an ethical perspective

Program requirements

AEntrepreneurial mindset
ATeam player
AAvailability during face-to-face workshops and virtual phase
AFlueny in English
ACommitment to the program

You can apply for MOBILITY PIONEERS if you are either

AStudent in Germany or Israel
AEsslingen University or The COLLMAN Alumni
AYoung professional
AFounder of or employee in a start-up

Project Partners

The COLLMAN/NOVUS Center of Entrepreneurship

The College of Management Academic Studies (The COLLMAN) was founded in 1978. There are 1000 full time and adjunct faculty members and 8500 graduate and undergraduate students enrolled annually in over fifty programs, teaching: Business, Economics. Law, Computer Science, Behavioral Sciences, Design and Media Studies

NOVUS, the Center of Entrepreneurship, is the focal point for entrepreneurial activity. Its programs contribute both to the advancement of knowledge and to the practice of entrepreneurship and innovation through hybrid, research-practical based education. 

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Esslingen University

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Esslingen University)  provides academic training and education in the fields of technology, economics and the social sciences. Excellent teaching, combined with high practical relevance, has a high priority at Esslingen. The University of Applied Sciences is also strong on applied research and, thanks to its doctoral programs, is able to offer graduates an extended scientific career. It is no wonder, then, that Esslingen is consistently to be found among the best universities of applied sciences in Germany in numerous national ranking tables. At Esslingen University, aroung 6,100 students are enrolled on 25 Bachelor’s and 12 Master’s degree programs               

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The Consulate General of the State of Israel for Southern Germany

The Consulate General of the State of Israel opened its doors in Munich in September 2011. On November 10th 2015, the anniversary year of 50-year German-Israeli diplomatic relations, we celebrated the opening of the new and permanent building at the historical Karolinenplatz. The Consulate General is responsible for the southern German states of Baden Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. The work of the Consulate General concentrates on cooperation in the fields of innovation, science, culture, education and integration and promotes bilateral relations and interpersonal exchange between Israel and the five southern German states                     

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City of Esslingen

Globally we are the very beginning of profound economic changes. The current wave of technological innovations poses a challenge to many traditional industries that constitute the core of the German and, in particular, the Baden- Würrtemberg economy. Mobility as we have used to know it for the last 130 years, will change fundamentally. Trends such as autonomous driving, shifting mobility patterns or the  electrification and digitization of automobile systems require new ways of thinking and new solutions.

For this transition processes, international cooperations between universities and companies will become even more important in order to pool knowledge, thoughts and resources in jointly developing new technologies. The city of Esslingen is therefore proud to support the MOBILITY PIONEERS program of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The program will not only initiate an exchange of ideas between German and Israeli students and founders but will also enable participants to gain practical experience by working with local and regional companies in one of the leading economic areas in Europe.

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Our Team

Prof.Dr.Michael Flad

Program Coordinator, Mentor


Nelson Makram

Start-up Coach


Prof. Dafna Kariv

Program Coordinator, Mentor


Tal Berman

Start-up Coach


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